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A Bengal Breeder of Adorable Bengal Cats.  Our Pedigreed Kittens For Sale are from
Championship Bloodlines for Family Pets or Show Cats.
At Adore Cats Bengals, we
breed, show and sell
pedigreed Bengal cats and
kittens from Championship
bloodlines. We have brown
spotted, golden, marble,
rosetted and seal lynx point
snow Bengals. Our Bengals
are gorgeous and make
wonderful pets and/or show
cats. Let Adore Cats Bengals
provide you, your family and
your friends with one of our
exceptional Bengals!
Ask About Our Bengals Here!
At Adore Cats Bengals, we
work with our perspective
pet families to help them
obtain the Bengal kitten/cat
they desire. Take a look at
our Bengal cats pages to
see whose in our cattery! If
you don't see what you are
looking for, tell us what you
would like on our
Request Page.
We are excellent breeders of pedigreed domestic Brown Spotted, Golden, Marble, Rosetted and Seal
Lynx Point Snow Bengal cats and kittens from Championship bloodlines.  We provide loving pets
and/or show Bengals for individuals and families.  If you have been looking for a beautiful Bengal to
be part of your family, let us know.  We will do our best to help you obtain the Bengal kitten or cat you
desire.  We are located in Michigan and invite you to come see your perspective kitten and select
one.  After you make your selection, we prefer you pick the kitten up.  We can ship to certain locations.
Some people have referred to Bengal cats as hybrid or leopard
cats, however, our Bengals are fully domestic, purebred, warm
and loving.  Click on the photo in the box to the right to see
some our Prior Kittens.  Our future litters will be just as
beautiful if not even more so.  If you see a kitten you would like
as part of your household, either now or in the near future, go
to our Priority Request page. Fill out the request form and
send it to us.  We will contact you to help you obtain a Bengal
kitten you would like that is similar to what you see.  If you
have questions, let us know.  We love to talk about our
Our cattery is registered
with The International Cat
Association (TICA) with full
rights to the Adore Cats
Bengals name. We are
located in the State of
Michigan. We choose to be
responsible breeders.
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We Raise Exceptional Bengal Kittens for
Individuals and Families.
Pedigreed Bengal Kittens and
Cats from Championship
Bloodlines for Sale.
We Make Purchasing
Your Bengal Kitten or Cat
Adore Cats Bengals
is TICA Registered.
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videos and photos.  
Please allow time for
them to load.  We
hope you enjoy them.
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have arrived!  

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ir updated
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